Gundam Evolution - GM
The RGM-79 general purpose mobile suit in Gundam Evolution Gundam Evolution


  • GM works well as a support-oriented frontline unit
  • The suit has good area denial skills with its G-Maneuver and Detonator Bomb
  • GM has a low base HP pool and mediocre damage output at range

Despite having the reputation of cannon fodder in the original shows, the GM mobile suit is incredibly powerful in "Gundam Evolution," especially in the hands of a good player.

The GM (also called Jim by fans) fulfills a hybrid role that mashes together a frontline tank with the ability to heal, deny areas and deal damage. This overloaded kit makes GM amazing at both pushing and defending objectives. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Strengths and Weaknesses

GM is a jack of all trades, though it does specialize in area denial thanks to its Detonator Bomb ability and Homing Mine G-Maneuver.

When GM isn't laying traps for the enemy, it should be poking enemies and protecting allies from incoming fire and flanking pilots. Its Shield Bash skill knocks any enemy back a significant distance while dealing a respectable 300 damage.

Gundam Evolution - GM range
GM's maximum effective range before experiencing damage fall-off Gundam Evolution

At the same time, GM's shield can absorb up to 1,300 points of damage. The shield's HP slowly regenerates after spending a few seconds out of combat. Use this to hold chokepoints and duel against enemies, as GM can still fire while its guard is up.

This mobile suit has two main weaknesses: its low max HP and singular thruster charge. When GM's shield is out of commission, it only has 800 hit points to work with. On top of this, its single-use thruster greatly limits its mobility compared to other suits its size.

Tips and Tricks

Detonator Bomb is GM's bread-and-butter skill. Use it offensively and defensively by throwing it into an enemy group or laying traps near doorways and other choke points. The flames linger for a short duration after detonation, which can buy time for friendlies to get into position.

Homing Mine is also versatile when it comes to attacking and defending. This ability is best used in the middle of a team fight on top of an objective. Defensively, make sure to place the mines behind obstacles as they float above the ground and can be shot down by incoming fire.

Lastly, don't be afraid to use Repair Grenade, GM's healing skill, liberally. If GM is the only suit in the team that can heal, then try to prioritize healing teammates.

Gundam Evolution - GM Mines
Homing Mines can be shot down while hovering in the air Gundam Evolution