After much debate and anticipation, AMC decided to renew “Halt and Catch Fire.” Now that fans have had some time to process the news, they can finally start looking ahead to what Season 2 will bring. The Season 1 finale left fans with many questions -- the biggest one may be what will happen with Joe in the new episodes.

In the finale Joe disappeared yet again, taking off to do some soul searching in Colorado after burning a truck of the Cardiff Giants, disappointed with the compromised results of his vision. While stopping at a gas station fans learned that Joe was seeking out a loner woman in the Colorado wilderness and last we saw of the character he was on his way to see her. Could this woman be Joe’s mother?

The producers won’t say just yet what Joe will find in the woods, or even what exactly he is looking for there. However, they are assuring fans that Joe won’t be off the grid for long. Speaking with TV Guide, producer Christopher Cantwell said Joe would be back in action soon in Season 2 doing what he does best – pushing the other characters’ buttons (whether productively or destructively). Cantwell said, “Joe for us has always been the reason that we're here. He is the catalyst that enters everybody's life. [Whether] he's a constructive or destructive force, he's the one that everyone is attached to. We want to explore how this guy continues to affect the ebb and flow of these other characters' lives.”

When Season 1 left off Joe was on shaky ground with Cameron, who was furious he didn’t stand by her operating system, while Gordon had become Joe’s number one fan after finally getting to release his own computer, admitting Joe was “right” about everything. Joe however did not see it that way and ended the season as conflicted about what he wants as when the show began. What will Joe do now when he returns to Cardiff? Fans have a long wait before Season 2 premieres next summer to wonder what his next move will be.

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