Fans of Harry Potter know all too where platform 9 ¾ at King's Cross Station can bring them. But now, the station just completed a £550 million pound makeover and will include references to J.K. Rowling's story about the boy wizard.

In J.K. Rowling's book and movie series, Harry Potter and his friends run through a wall, using platform 9 ¾ in order to find the train to the wizarding school, Hogwarts.

However, 45 million real commuters struggle to get to work every year, reported the Associated Press. Their experiences are usually somewhat less thrilling than Harry Potter and his friends.

On Monday, new glass-and-steel entrance was opened to the public in an effort to cut crowding and alleviate human traffic, reported the AP.

The station also received a renovation on its platforms. Visitors can now get a photo-op version of platform 9 ¾, next to platform 9, reported the AP.

London's King's Cross Station was first opened in 1852. It stands at the northern edge of the central London near Euston Road and York Way, in the London Borough of Camden.