Fans of "The Amazing Race" already know that "Big Brother" stars Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are participating in the upcoming 30th season of the show, and now, another pair has potentially been confirmed.

CBS has not released any official casting news for the new season as of yet, with the exception of Graf and Nickson's announcement. However, according to the Austin American-Statesman, Indycar race car drivers Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly have teamed up and are currently filming for the new season.

The newspaper conducted an interview with Daly's father, who confirmed that both had been off the radar for the last month because they have been filming the show, and they have not been allowed to have cell phones or other means of contact with their family or friends since they left. In addition, he revealed that he only knew his son was flying to New York, and that he believed the first destination was Iceland.

"He left the 20th of September," he said. "Rumor has it that they went to Iceland."

The race did officially kick off on October 1 in New York, with teams departing from Washington Square Park in New York City that day. According to Reality Fan Forum, which tracks the race as it is filmed, teams traveled to Reykjavik in Iceland, and have since also traveled to Antwerp, Belgium, Tangier, Morocco, Saint-Tropez, France, Arles, France, Prague, Czechia, and Harare, Zimbabwe.

Notably, neither Rossi nor Daly have been active on social media in some time. Rossi last posted on his Twitter account Sept. 28, while Daly last posed on Sept. 26 to let fans know he was "taking a break" from social media for a little while, though he didn't give a reason why.

There had previously been a large amount of speculation in regards to the upcoming season of the long-running CBS program, which last aired its 29th season earlier this year, after not receiving a home on the CBS fall schedule in 2016. The show once again does not have a home on the fall schedule, but is expected to air again in the Spring mid-season once more.

Prior to the cast announcement and the official start of filming for the season, there had been some speculation about what would happen in the new season, which is a milestone for the show. After Season 29 was deemed a bit of a success with the show pairing teams up at the starting line, fans wondered what method would be used when it came to the casting for the new season. Show host Phil Keoghan wouldn't give anything away, but did hint in August that the show would do something special because it was a landmark season.

"We do have something planned that I think is as exciting [as Season 29], the only thing is that I can't tell you... you know, on 'Amazing Race' you get good entertainment, you know you get good twists. There's something good coming for 30. And it is Season 30 after all. We've got to do something special," he said at the time. "30, it's a lovely number."