News of Heidi Klum's divorce from Seal, after seven years of what seemed to be wedded bliss, rocked Tinsletown on Monday. But it may not be the bitter end for the beautiful couple.

Klum was photographed in L.A. Wednesday for the first time since the divorce was announced, clad in all-black clothing and a somber face.

Though the supermodel kept her head down from them most of the time, paparazzi were able to snap a photo of Klum's left hand, still flaunting a gold wedding band. TMZ reported that the 38-year-old could have even been wearing her diamond engagement ring with the band turned around to hide the gem.

Seal was also photographed on Wednesday with his wedding band on while taping Extra at The Grove in L.A.

The 48-year-old singer has hinted at a possible reconciliation. On CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, Seal told Morgan: Is it irreparable? You can never say never.

 My love for [Heidi] has not waned one iota. I love her with all my heart, he added. I'm still wearing my wedding ring because I'm still married to this incredible woman. 

Though the rings have people guessing, Seal gave different reasoning.

What this means to me and what this stands for--it stands for respect, it stands for loyalty, it stands for incredible memories and it stands for these four little miracles, and Heidi making five, that have come into my life over the past eight years, he said.

There was some malicious things about me still wearing my wedding ring for show but I'm still wearing my wedding ring because I am still married to this incredible woman and you don't all of a sudden, from one day to the next, unless you are those type of people, say I hate you and take off your wedding ring.

Seal emphasized to Morgan that no outside factors are to blame for the split.

I always used to say to my wife, the thing that I loved most about us is that we are a team, we are impenetrable in that respect.

'The outside influences can't get in because at the end of the day it doesn't matter what happens behind closed doors because when we are out and about or when we have had disagreements even when we're in the house, can I look at you and say are you good when there are more important things to focus on, he said.

And if she can look at me and say, yes, I'm good, then that's something we have already been able to do. And that won't change. Whether we get back together or not, it may happen, I can't speak for her.

Klum and Seal married on May 10, 2005, in Mexico, near Seal's home on Mexico's Costa Careyes. The couple met the previous year and Seal proposed on Dec. 23, 2004, in an igloo he had built on a glacier in Whistler, British Columbia.

They have three biological children together -- Henry Günther, 6; Johan Riley, 5; and Lou, 2 -- and Seal adopted Klum's eldest daughter from a previous relationship -- Leni, 7. In 2009, Klum officially took on Seal's surname, Samuel, and is legally known as Heidi Samuel.

Seal tweeted a cryptic message, The End with a link to a photo on Monday. The photo was a shot of an angel wing tattoo. Some wonder if this marks a tribute to Klum, as she is best known for her time as a Victoria's Secret Angel.