Police have arrested a member of the notorious biker gang Hells Angels who allegedly shot a fellow member at a funeral in San Jose, Calif.

Steve Ruiz, 38, was arrested around 7:30 p.m. Saturday at a Days Inn motel in Fremont, Calif., the Los Angeles Times reported. Though Sgt. Jason Dwyer specified where Ruiz was found, he did not elaborate on what brought authorities to the motel or whether anyone else was present during the arrest.

Police issued a warrant for Ruiz' arrest following the killing of fellow Hells Angels member Steve Tausan on Oct. 15. Both Tausan and Ruiz were attending the funeral of a former leader of the San Jose Hells Angels, Jeff Pettigrew.

Several members attended the funeral to pay the respects to the notorious leader. Pettigrew had been shot and killed at a Nevada casino, allegedly by a member of a rival biker gang.

Tausan was shot and killed during the funeral. The San Jose Mercury News reported that there was a heavy presence of police nearby, but that failed to deter violence.

Ruiz fled the scene after shots were fired. Police have not specified why Ruiz is suspected of murdering Tausan.