A deadly snake was captured after it was found fighting another large male reptile near a pool in Australia.

Jack Hogan with Snake Catcher Northern Rivers 24/7 arrived at a home after receiving information from the owner saying that he had found two snakes combating in front of his pool. However, the snake catcher could only find one Eastern Brown Snake when he reached the residence.

"This tank of a male was seen combating another large male just out the front of this home owner’s pool but unfortunately only ending up finding the one," Hogan wrote in a Facebook post.

In a video, the snake catcher can be seen grabbing the reptile with his bare hands and placing it inside a black bag. He then releases the snake into the wild.

"What a beautiful piece of work this guy is and so incredibly vital in our sensitive ecosystem," he wrote in the post.

The size of the snake was not known.

Speaking about their "natural predator," Hogan wrote in the comments section, "Snakes are more vulnerable than you’d imagine and have many natural predators such as Raptors, Monitor Lizards, Dogs and even other Snakes. We as humans decimate their populations more than anything. The only reason we are seeing more Snakes every year is mainly due to their habitat constantly receding as ours 'progresses.'"

Earlier this month, Hogan had posted another video in which he was seen capturing an Eastern Brown Snake after it was found hiding behind furniture inside a home in Australia. He arrived at the residence after the homeowner called him saying that a snake was seen slithering under the aquarium. Hogan initially thought it was a common tree snake but was shocked after he stumbled upon the venomous common brown snake.

"I suspected the snake to be a harmless Common Tree Snake as we see a lot of them in the area. After poking around with my hands and waiving my big head around for a while I stumbled upon this gorgeous Eastern Brown Snake all curled up behind the stereo!!" he wrote in the post.

eastern brown snake This photo taken on September 25, 2012 shows a deadly Australia eastern brown snake. Photo: WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images