Philadelphia police, on Saturday, discovered four mentally disturbed adults - three males and one female - suffering from malnutrition. The four were found locked in a secret room in an apartment basement.

According to investigators, when police reached the 15 District at 4724 Longshore Avenue in Tacony, on Saturday, to solve the dispute between a landlord and a tenant, they heard noises from behind a locked steel door. Upon opening the door, the police discovered the gruesome sight. A police spokesperson said that the four were found in filthy conditions and locked up with dogs.

According to reports, the people were found only partially-clothed and had bed sores. They displayed signs of mental illnesses and were transported to Frankford Hospital, where they were reporte to be in a stable condition.

It is not yet known how long the four had been locked in the basement.

According to investigators, the victims might have been transported from the western coast of Florida to Philadelphia on October 4.

While the incident was being investigated, relatives of the tenant were held - two men and a woman were arrested in the case but no charges were filed, as of Saturday night.