After already stunning fans between Seasons 28 and 29 by removing longtime cohosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews from their roles and replacing them with Tyra Banks, “Dancing With the Stars” has managed to shock them once again—this time by announcing that after 16 years, the series would no longer be airing on ABC.

Disney+ announced on Friday that the beloved reality competition series was being renewed once again, this time for two new seasons, its 31st and 32nd, but that come this Fall, fans who were used to sitting in front of their television sets and tuning in to watch the show on ABC would now be doing so on the streaming platform, as the show makes a permanent new home there and takes the reigns as the first-ever live broadcast series to air on the service.

While it’s unclear what exactly prompted the move, CNBC notes that ABC may be trying to fill its spot in the lineup with more Monday Night Football broadcasts.

However, fans of the show responded with swift backlash to the announcement, with many vowing they would no longer watch, as they refused to pay for a separate streaming service just to have access to the show.

Still, though fans seem to not be loving the move, the show’s cast of pro dancers and judges seems to feel differently, with many of them expressing excitement over the move on social media, stating it was “epic” and “exciting.”

Meanwhile, Derek Hough, the show’s record-holder for Mirrorball trophies and a current judge on the series, took to Instagram to praise the move.

As for who would participate on the show when it made its move to streaming, it is unclear if the shift will also lead to a shift in terms of celebrity contestants who might be a part of the show. While on ABC, the show has often tried to chase names that courted some controversy, including Sean Spicer in Season 28, as well as Olivia Jade in Season 30. Jojo Siwa was also a big name on the show’s 30th season, especially after she became the first celebrity in a same-sex partnership on the show, dancing her way to second place with Jenna Johnson.

Whether the show will still court celebrities from political and athletic realms remains to be seen, as well as if there will be more focus on featuring stars from Disney+ originals, such as “Big Shot” and “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.”

Dancing with the stars 30
A promotional image for Season 30 of "Dancing With the Stars" is pictured. ABC