Princess Diana made Queen Elizabeth II so mad that the monarch demanded her to divorce Prince Charles.

The Prince and Princess of Wales had a fairytale-like wedding. However, it was not a secret that their marriage was unhappy that it ended in divorce.

According to sources, Princess Diana never planned to divorce her husband. However, it was Queen Elizabeth II who ordered them to get a divorce.

Royal expert and commentator Angela Mollard said the Queen ordered the couple to divorce because Princess Diana talked about her rocky marriage with Prince Charles in public. The monarch was not pleased at all that she wanted her son and daughter-in-law to end things officially.

“So that was in 1995, where she talked openly about her marital difficulties,” Mollard said. “And the Queen quickly sent a letter to Diana and said ‘you need to divorce’ and that was finalized in 1996.”

In the interview, Princess Diana blamed Prince Charles’ infidelity for their failed marriage. She said that “there were three of us in this marriage, so it’s a bit crowded” implying about the Prince of Wales’ affair with Camilla.

According to royal expert Craig Brown, the royals felt betrayed when Princess Diana talked about her problematic marriage in the interview. Princess Margaret was so upset that she removed any mention of Princess Diana’s name in her house.

Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret were not the only royals who were very upset with Princess Diana’s interview. Prince William was also not happy with what his mother did.

Royal correspondent Katie Nicholl revealed in the documentary entitled “William and Harry: Brothers in Arms” that the Duke of Cambridge called his mother in a fury and rage after learning about her shocking interview. Princess Diana’s close friends Simone Simmons recalled an incident when the Princess of Wales told her about Prince William’s reaction.

“[She told me] it was the one time William turned on his mother and said, that he would never forgive Diana for what she’d done,” Simmons said.