Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana had a complicated relationship.

According to Kayla Keegan, the Princess of Wales and the Queen had their own set of differences. Princess Diana was “continuously misunderstood.”

One time, Princess Diana sought the advice of Queen Elizabeth II about her rocky marriage with Prince Charles. However, in the documentary “Diana: In Her Own Words,” she shared that the Queen just said that “her marriage was loveless” and was “less than sympathetic” to her.

Also, one time, the Queen made her cry due to the monarch’s blunt comment.

“I just happened to be there when Diana came out from meeting the Queen and Diana was crying,” Wharfe said. “I said ‘what’s up with you?’ and she said ‘oh you just won’t believe what’s happened.’”

Princess Diana then went on and told Wharfe that the Queen advised her to do something “nicer” and “pleasant.” Princess Diana often visited hospices, hospitals and fundraising galas during her royal duties instead of promoting the usual royal charities like animal care.

Due to the reported “complicated” relationship between the two royals, some felt that the Queen was being cruel to the People’s Princess. One netizen asked on Quora why Her Majesty was cruel to the Princess of Wales and if Prince William and Prince Harry cared.

The majority of the royal fans don’t believe that the Queen had been cruel to Princess Diana. Instead, it was Prince Charles who was the “most cruel” to his then-wife.

Another said that Queen Elizabeth II had been benevolent to Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom during her entire stay with the royal family. Princess Diana was positively received by her in-laws.

According to Richard Kay and Geoffrey Levy, the Queen even infuriated Prince Charles when she invited Princess Diana at a state banquet she hosted at Buckingham Palace for President Mario Soares of Portugal without notifying the other members of the family. The event happened a year after the Prince and Princess of Wales announced their split and the Queen was hoping that they would still reconcile, so she extended an invitation to her daughter-in-law.

Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II
Pictured: Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II at the Braemer Highland games. Getty Images/AFP