Snake catchers have issued a warning after a python was found hiding near a dog feeding bowl at a home in Tanawha, Australia.

In a Facebook post Saturday, the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 said “a Large Carpet Python was waiting near the family's doggy bowl!”

“Whether or not the snake was going to have a go at the small dog who knows, but it’s best to lean on the side of caution when it comes to snakes and pets,” the post added. The snake was rescued and released back into the wild.

It also issued a warning asking pet owners to be aware of carpet pythons as they can kill and eat small animals like dogs and cats.

“Please be aware that a large Carpet Python could potentially kill and eat a small cat or dog. It doesn’t happen often but It’s definitely happened before so if you have a snake in your yard be sure to keep your pets a safe distance away from it and its probably best to get it relocated. Carpet Pythons regularly eat large possums, birds and chickens so a small cat or dog or guinea pig could be a potential meal,” the post said.

The incident comes days after a carpet python was found hiding in the top drawer of a woman’s desk at her office in Kiels Mountain, Australia. In a Facebook post, the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 said the woman opened the draw of the desk and “nearly fell off her chair as there was a Carpet Python hiding in amongst the stationery.”

Representational image ARUN SANKAR/AFP/Getty Images