A Las Vegas, Nevada, man called 911 as his dead wife lay next to him and told the operator he wanted to die. The husband is now facing charges for allegedly stabbing his wife to death.

The harrowing 911 call was made Saturday from a West Valley home just after 8:15 a.m., according to Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The accused husband, identified as Shiva Gummi, 33, told the operator that he had stabbed himself multiple times and wanted to die, as per an arrested report released by the Metropolitan Police Department Wednesday.

"I want to die, but I'm not dying," he said on the call while his deceased wife, Gwendoline Amsrala, 28, was beside him on a mattress.

Gummi said he and his wife were inside a locked bedroom, adding that his mother-in-law was also inside the house at the time of the incident. He also informed the dispatcher that he had stabbed himself about five hours before making the call.

After Gummi said he could not get himself up from the mattress, the 911 operator asked him about the whereabouts of his wife.

"Next to me," he replied.

The operator then asked whether his wife could help him control the bleeding. "She's dead," Gummi said.

As responding officers arrived at the scene, they made their way through the locked bedroom to fing the couple "lying on a mattress on the floor covered in blankets," according to the arrest report.

A "large bloody kitchen knife" was also found on the floor, next to Gummi and Amsrala.

The deceased wife sustained fatal stab wounds to her arms, throat and abdomen. She was pronounced dead at the scene, KSNV News 3 reported.

Gummi was found with what appeared to be self-inflicted stab wounds to his throat, abdomen, left side, left inner thigh and right arm. He was transferred to a hospital in critical condition and underwent surgery before officials arrested him.

The accused husband was booked into the Clark County Detention Center and faces a charge of open murder with a deadly weapon, officials said.

Investigators spoke to a third person, who was inside the house when the stabbing unfolded. The person said they were "unaware of any domestic abuse" between the couple before the incident.

The person also informed cops that the couple was out separately the previous night and came home at different times. While Amsrala returned home around 9 p.m. after dinner with co-workers, Gummi reached around 11 p.m.

The accused husband was "upset with Gwendoline after she spent the night at a friend's house who was intoxicated after a night of drinking," the person said, according to the report.

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