Jazz Jennings will return to the small screen in "I am Jazz" Season 5.

The Daily Telegraph shared a clip of "I am Jazz" trailer Season 5. In the footage, Jennings talked about her reassignment surgery in June. She has already recovered and is doing well.

Jennings also sat for an interview with New.com.au at the eve of her 18th birthday. During the interview, she shared the issues she faced as a transgender from the moment she realized that she was trapped in the wrong body to the difficulties transgenders, in general, encounter outside the comfort of their home.

"With our current administration, transgender individuals fear for their safety on a daily basis. Trump’s decision to scrap Obama's transgender rights directive to protect transgender youth in schools is particularly disheartening," Jennings said.

"Going to school when you're trans is tough enough. It's very common for trans kids to feel isolated as it is, just from being different. But that's just the tip of the iceberg for trans kids in school who have a greater chance of being harassed, bullied and physically harmed," she added. "They're routinely told they can’t use the bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity, they're taunted with pronouns they don't identify with, and many are teased with their birth names they don't identify with anymore … It's not easy."

When it comes to dating, Jennings confessed that it was not easy. However, the good thing is, she can easily spot who is sympathetic and open-minded.

"Being trans in some ways is a litmus test: it doesn't take long to find out who is supportive and open-minded and who isn't. In fact, it can take minutes," she added.

Jennings also confessed that one of the daunting questions she's tired of answering is being asked why she's a transgender. According to her, "it's not a choice" because if she was free to choose, she would have not chosen a life that subjected her to discrimination, bullying and intolerance. For her, it's just how she was born.

Jennings also advised parents of trans kids to love their children unconditionally no matter what. "It's a tough road ahead. Don't make it any harder. Listen, embrace, love," she said.

"I am Jazz" Season 4 kicked in January. It aired its last episode on February because it only has 8 episodes. "I am Jazz" Season 5 will return in 2019. Jennings announced this on Twitter.

"@JazzJennings__ has some MAJOR NEWS: Season 5 of #IAmJazz will come to TLC in 2019! Get ready to see our girl go to prom, turn 18, and finally undergo her long-awaited gender confirmation surgery," TLC Network posted.

I am Jazz
"I am Jazz" Season 5 trailer is out. TLC