Jazz Jennings
Pictured: Jazz Jennings, who stars on TLC’s “I Am Jazz,” attending NYLON’s Annual Young Hollywood Party at Avenue Los Angeles in Hollywood, California on May 22, 2018. Getty Images/Tommaso Boddi

Jazz Jennings has revealed that she’s desperate to find someone to love at this point in her life.

On Friday, the “I Am Jazz” star uploaded a new vlog on her YouTube channel, and in the video, she reveals how she’s hoping to finally find love at 17. “I am looking for love … IT’s something that’s really important to me. I feel like I can’t wait to fall in love,” she opens her vlog.

Jennings also admitted that she’s aware it’s not something that just instantly happens. “I know it’s not gonna happen right away. I’m actually very patient. I’ve been waiting since I was 13 years old, so I’m 17 now, and since then I’ve been desperate for it. And nothing’s really happened,” she explained.

The LGBTQ advocate confessed in her video that she hasn’t made physical contact with anyone at all, saying, “I still haven’t had my first. I’ve never been on a real, real date … You know what I mean, I just want to meet someone naturally and have a relationship come out of that.”

Jennings also noted in her latest vlog that she feels she’ll likely get the confidence to go see someone once she’s done with her bottom surgery. “I feel like with this surgery coming up a lot is gonna change, like, once I’m finally in the body that I’ve always wanted to be in, I’d become more confident in that sense and I’ll be ready put myself out there,” she said.

Jennings previously disclosed via social media that she’s finally lost the weight she was asked by her doctor to lose in order for her to qualify for gender-confirmation surgery. She also divulged at the time that the medical procedure is scheduled to happen on June 26.

As for whether or not her show has been renewed for a fifth season, Jennings has given mixed signals to her fans. In her June 1 vlog, she gave references to her reality series getting axed after its fourth run. However, the television personality said toward the end of the clip that she’ll be documenting more of her journey through “I Am Jazz.”

TLC hasn’t announced whether it’s picking up Jennings’ show for another run. But as IBTimes previously reported, the ratings of the series are leaning toward a renewal. “I Am Jazz” Season 5 is also likely to happen because the series is still part of the Top 50 original cable shows at present.