Idaho Man Charged With Attempted Obama Assassination.
An Idaho man was taken into custody and charged for the attempted assassination of US President Barack Obama or his staff. US Parks Police/handout

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, the Idaho man accused of attempted assassination of US President Barack Obama, says that he is a modern day Jesus Christ whom many Christians have been waiting for.

In a bizarre video, the 21-year old man is seen wearing a large crucifix around his neck. Declaring his open resentment of the government, Ortega-Hernandez says the government is bullying other countries for their oil and that people's freedom are at stake.

Ortega-Hernandez remains in federal custody and will be taken from Pittsburgh federal court to face charges in Washington, DC.

He appeared in the Pittsburgh court Nov.17 and just said, Yes, ma'am, when he was asked by a federal judge if he understood that he would be moved to Washington, DC to face charges.

Ortega-Hernandez was arrested Wednesday following a manhunt when officials were informed by someone who recognized him. According to authorities, the man was obsessed with President Obama and tried to assassinate him in a shooting incident outside the White House.

According to CNN, one bullet hit a window and was stopped by bulletproof glass, and another was found on the White House exterior. Investigators found a semi-automatic rifle, several boxes of ammunition and nine spent shell casings in a car owned by Ortega-Hernandez that was parked several blocks away on the lawn of the National Institute of Peace.

According to the complaint, investigators also interviewed a witness who knows Ortega-Hernandez well. The witness informed that Ortega was increasingly becoming agitated against the federal government and was convinced that the government was conspiring against him. He mentioned that Ortega frequently referred to Obama as the anti Christ and often said that he wanted to hurt him.