If I Die
If I Die is a Facebook app that updates your Facebook status after you die. ifidie.net

If you get hit by a car walking home from work, what would happen to your children, your porn and your mistress?

There's no Facebook app for all that messy stuff, but If I Die, a new free app for the world's biggest social media network, will take care of your Facebook status.

How does it work exactly? First, before you're six feet deep, record a farewell video or write a final goodbye. Then pick three trustees (friends or relatives chosen by you) who will verify your passing. Then when you're confirmed dead, they can go online and allow your updates to be sent out to all your friends.

If I Die is a tidy yet morbid fix to a problem that's increasing as Facebook users of more advanced ages attempt to work the newfangled site. You can even set a schedule of updates to be sent out over the days, weeks or months after you die. It's like preemptive P.R. from the beyond.

A video posted on the If I Die website explains the concept further:

You're probably thinking to yourself I don't remember scheduling an appointment with death anytime soon, and you're right, the video's narrator states. But so is death. Right around the corner. So don't wait until it's too late. Leave your message today.

Willook, a time capsule company, created and developed the If I Die app, and its co-founder and CEO Eran Alfonta told Mashable about the app's concept:

We all have things to say and don't necessarily have the audience with the patience to hear us, Alfonta said. Actually, we all want to leave something behind, we all want to leave a stamp behind us.

Alfonta apparently got the idea for the app after nearly dying with family and friends in a car crash in Italy, Mashable said, after which friends of his said he should make a service where they could record something secret to their kids that would only be sent if they died, according to the Mashable report.

Learn more about If I Die by visiting the app's homepage or watching the video below: