six fingers
Conversion of a DICOM-format X-ray from a patient of en:User:Drgnu23, a ten year old male. This is the patient's left hand, posterior-anterior projection. Identifying tags and such have been stripped. The image is his, released under the GFDL. Wiki Commons

The Guinness Book of World Records has confirmed that a one year-old Indian boy has the most fingers and toes of anyone on Earth.

Akshat Saxena, of the Uttar Pradesh in northern India, was born with a total of 34 digits, with ten toes and each foot and seven fingers on each hand. He takes the crown from a Chinese boy born with 31 total fingers and toes.

Known was Polydactyly, Saxena has a common congenital disorder that causes the growth of extra body parts. Generally, the extra fingers and toes are non functional, and often don't contain bones. The most common iteration of the disorder is an extra finger on the side of the hand.

Despite having 14 fingers, Saxena was born without thumbs. Doctors are currently trying to create thumbs from the boy's extra digits.

So step aside Count Rugen (who some may know better as the six-fingered man from "The Princess Bride"), Akshat Saxena is now the official extra-finger king.