With the arrival of the iPad 3 or the new iPad, fans have finally come to terms with the features Apple will be providing in its new device, after months of rumors and speculations. Now with that out of the way, fans have already started discussing about the iPad 4. So what are the features we want included in the new device?

Here are the top six features we want from the new Apple tablet.

Thunderbolt: Rumors are doing the rounds on the Internet about a high-speed I/O tech coming to iOS that will provide compatibility with a new generation of peripherals. Although Apple's move to wireless sync has removed any reason to include Thunderbolt, it is believed that adaptors could be released when the new device arrives.

Powerful Speakers: The new iPad really doesn’t offer much in the sound department. Compared to other Apple products, the iPad’s sound needs more work to be done. With the tablet hosting a boat-load of games, music and movies, a better and enhanced speaker is the order of the day. And it is widely believed that the iPad 4 will offer a better stereo speaker.

Enhanced Keyboard: Apple is expected to introduce a more enhanced and a less painful keyboard option integrated into iOS that will offer more options for typing and adding shortcut options while typing. The next generation keyboard is also said to provide an option for app switching.

Better Battery: The new iPad has to come up with a better battery and charging improvements that will last a bit longer that the current generation of iPad. Although the expected ten hours of usage on the new iPad is impressive, playing a few games or watching a video or movie will drastically reduce that figure.

NFC integration: It is a surprising fact that a device such as the iPad doesn’t support the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, and it is expected that the iPad 4 will surely bring about a change in that with Apple introducing NFC. This will enable iPads to be used for making payments and could also provide a major boost in the development of future Apple devices.

Extra Storage: A 128GB storage option will be widely welcomed by Apple fans who are expecting more storage option on the device. It is certain that Apple will not provide an external storage option on its future devices but as it already provides space up to 64GB, it is expected that 128GB space is also on the cards for the iPad 4.