Apple iPad has topped the electronic gadget wish list of kids aged 6-12, beating probables like Nintendo and Sony PlayStation game consoles.

A survey by Nielsen in October revealed that 31 percent of US kids aged 6-12 years are eyeing iPad as a potential future purchase in the next six months. The second electronic gadget on the list is a computer and an iPod touch with 29 percent of the kids vouching for these devices.

The probable gaming consoles Nintendo and Sony PlayStation figured at the third and fourth spot respectively.

However, for kids above 13 the top electronic gadget is a computer followed by a Television Set and a Smartphone (non-iPhone). iPad is the number three with 18 percent desiring to posses one in the next six months. Computer, TV set and smartphone are desired by 20 percent and 19 percent respectively.

The survey also indicated that for kids aged 6-12 years the most desired gaming console is a Nintendo DS/DSi followed by Sony PlayStation 3 while for kids entering teens, i.e. 13+, the top gaming consoles are Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3.

Also 20 percent of kids in age group 6-12 desire an iPhone in the next six months while 13 percent of the 13+ are interested in an iPhone.

The recently launched Xbox Kinect is desired by 14 percent of the 6-12 year kids while only 8 percent of the 13+ desired a Kinect.

However, for kids 6 to 12, eReaders figured at the bottom of the list with only 11 percent of respondents desiring one. Though for 13+ year-olds eReader notched the fifth spot with 15 percent.