After taking down a major terrorist in the Middle East, “Jack Ryan” Season 2 was supposed to be heading to Russia. Instead of adapting one of the most popular stories of the character from Tom Clancy’s novels, the show has shifted its focus on Latin America.

Jack (John Krasinski) was supposed to meet his boss James Greer (Wendell Pierce) in Moscow, which meant that Season 2 was supposed to be about one of the stories related to Russia. However, the trailer left no doubt that the story would be about Venezuela instead.

The shift to Venezuela means that the TV series will be skipping one of the most important stories about the character, which is “The Hunt for Red October,” Screen Rant reported. The plot of that book, which was later made into a movie, was about a Soviet nuclear submarine that seemingly goes rogue, but the CIA operative finds out the truth later.

“The Hunt for Red October” is an important story for the Jack’s character development. Instead, the plot of “Jack Ryan” Season 2 will take the CIA analyst to Latin America, which is the setting of the book “Clear and Present Danger.”

The plot in “Clear and Present Danger” is a fight against a drugs cartel. However, the TV series will be about a dangerous Venezuelan president. The show will begin with the CIA analyst tracking a suspicious shipment of arms, which will lead him to uncover a global conspiracy that will take him to different countries.

According to a teaser posted on the Twitter page of the TV series, the stakes will be higher this time around for Jack. Apart from the conspiracy related to the Venezuelan president, the CIA operative will also have to figure out why a country rich with oil resources is facing a humanitarian crisis.

“Jack Ryan” Season 2 is set to air sometime later this year. The producers are yet to announce a release date.

Jack Ryan
'Jack Ryan' Season 2 will be even more action-packed than the first. Jack Ryan/Facebook