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In the world of precious gems, Colombian emeralds bear a certain mystique, and the Muzo area is known to produce the most splendid stones of all. Jacob & Co. leans hard into the exceptional beauty of these stones—as only Jacob & Co. can. The jeweler’s “Mystery of Muzo” cuffs center imposing emeralds in a bold design that manages to be sexy, majestic and intimidating all at once.

The stars of the show, obviously, are the two drops of green light from whose points emanate diamond-pavé waves. Weighing 74.33 and 70.57 carats respectively, these impressive, vivid green stones are unique not just for their incredible size, but also their color and quality. Emeralds are notoriously difficult to match in color, so the decision to create a pair of cuffs ups the difficulty quotient exponentially. For Jacob & Co., the process of creating these cuffs took two years—for almost anyone else, it would be impossible.

Emeralds like these deserve an equally dramatic design, and the monochrome, Art Deco-inspired backdrop for the gemstones sets an enthralling stage. Rows of brilliant-cut, pavé-set diamonds, 118.13 carats in total, wrap around the wrist, serving as a design foundation and fanning out from the emeralds like a sweetheart neckline. In between, a curious design forms in the background, a strange mix of geometric and organic. Precisely cut black spinel pairs with 18-karat white gold to create a precious, but almost sinister, form of snakeskin. These cuffs are fit for a woman who hasn’t decided yet if she is going to save the world… or conquer it.

Jacob & Co
Muzo Cuffs with emeralds, from Jacob & Co. Modern Luxury