Former Hollywood heartthrob Jan-Michael Vincent was recently revealed to have died last month. The 74-year-old actor’s passing happened seven years after his right leg was amputated because of a severe infection.

On Friday, TMZ obtained a copy of Vincent’s death certificate that revealed details on his demise. The ‘80s matinee idol apparently suffered a cardiac arrest on Feb. 9 while he was staying at a North Carolina hospital.

According to the certificate, Vincent was cremated and no autopsy was performed. His family and loved ones have yet to speak publicly on his death.

In 2012, Jan-Michael had a near-death experience when he contracted a severe infection. At the time, doctors decided to cut his right leg off because of complications from peripheral artery disease.

Throughout the course of his career and even during the time he spent away from the limelight, Vincent suffered several health crises. He also struggled with cocaine abuse, according to Radar Online.

Vincent did a lot of projects during the peak of his career. However, it was CBS’ hit series “Airwolf” that put him on the map. His fame while doing the show was skyrocketing that he became the highest-paid actor on the series.

Vincent was reportedly paid $200,000 per episode for playing helicopter pilot Stringfellow Hawke. Unfortunately, “Airworlf” only ran for a few seasons because of his cocaine abuse scandal.

When the show ended, Vincent got involved in many other controversies. He also got into several severe vehicular accidents that broke three vertebral bones in his neck and permanently damaged his vocal cords, People reported.

Vincent was last seen on the big screen in 2002 in his movie “White Boy.” From 1967 until that time, the actor had a thriving career in both TV and movies. He starred on “The Bandits,” “Bonanza,” “The Banana Splits Adventure Hour” and “The Survivors.”

He appeared in many films including “Buster and Billie,” “Bite the Bullet,” “Defiance,” “In Gold We Trust,” “Sins of Desire” and “Escape of Grizzly Mountain.”

The actor married three times. He first walked down the aisle with Bonnie Poorman in 1968 but divorced in 1977. He got married for the second time with Joanne Robinson in 1986. In 1998, Robinson filed a restraining order against Vincent citing domestic abuse. Jan-Michael married for the third time in 2000 to Patricia Christ.

Jan-Michael Vincent Pictured: Actor Jan-Michael Vincent, who was revealed to have passed away last month, at his home in Santa Monica, California on July 6, 1999. Photo: Dan Callister/Getty Images