There is no stopping a woman in love, and “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez is clearly one such woman.

Rodriguez is on a roll with her career, and it’s possibly due to the inspiration she gets from her boyfriend, Joe Locicero. However, Rodriguez wrote on Instagram that she considers her boyfriend far more important to her than her career will ever be.

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She posted a video showing herself locked in a passionate embrace with Locicero while her dog, Casper, is in the background happily wagging his tail. They then walk hand-in-hand, but couldn’t stop kissing each other. In the caption, Rodriguez thanked her boyfriend for making her heart smile, and she said she could take on anything with him by her side.

The Latina actress loves showering her beau with affectionate posts. She earlier shared a photo with her looking up at her boyfriend as he leans in for a kiss. In the caption, she said that LoCicero makes her smile not only on the outside, but also on the inside.

When they celebrated six months of dating, Rodriguez even posted a throwback video showing Locicero’s cameo on “Jane the Virgin.” In “Chapter Thirty-Nine,” Locicero played a stripper who was hired to surprise her character, Jane Gloriana Villanueva, prior to her wedding day. Of course, things did not go well because Jane was giving a talk in school when “Don Quijote” appeared. It was a hilarious moment in the show, and Rodriguez’s relationship with Locicero only blossomed more after that scene.

The two started their romance in late 2016. Prior to dating LoCicero, Rodriguez was rumored to be dating actor Ben Schwartz in early 2016, and before that, Henry Esteve of “Revenge.”

As for Rodriguez’s onscreen character Jane, she is back in the dating field after mourning the loss of her late husband, Michael Cordero (Brett Dier). After a few unsuccessful attempts at dating and meeting new guys, Jane met her father Rogelio dela Vega’s (Jaimie Camil) new co-star, Fabian (Francisco San Martin), who turned out to be a pretty sweet guy.

The telenovela star actually wanted a serious relationship with Jane, but all the widow wanted was a fling. She decided to give Fabian a chance after discovering his sweet and thoughtful side, but things simply did not work out between them. In the end, Fabian caved in to Jane’s desire to have a fling.

Rodriguez told Entertainment Weekly that Jane is going to have a tough time falling in love again after what happened to Michael. “She’s become… a little cynical,” she said of Jane. “It’s interesting to take this blossoming character that was so full of life, to actually now start having what we can all relate to, what becomes our traumas that start to shape us. Jane was my big first character to live with for this long, but how often do we get to see a show [where] we actually get to see somebody then affected by their traumas and who they become after that?”