Jasmine Tridevil claims to have had plastic surgery that gave her a third boob, but a cosmetic surgeon is calling her bluff. Even though the addition of another breast is theoretically possible, it is not plausible.

"[I] believe 100 percent that this is a hoax that everyone is falling for,” Dr. Matthew Schulman, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York, told the Daily Dot. “I would be happy to go on record claiming that this is a falsified story and essentially not possible."

There are two main reasons the doctor is skeptical about Tridevil’s story. The first is the photographic “evidence” of the third breast has been taken by Tridevil and posted on her personal Facebook page. The lighting is dim and the photos easily could have been altered, the Daily Dot wrote.

Second, creating a third breast would require placement of a tissue expander beneath the skin between her two breasts to make a pocket for the false breast. It would take about six months for this to happen and then the spacer could be replaced with an implant. Schulman said multiple surgeries would need be required.

When asked about her surgery, Tridevil simply said she had it done a few months ago. She didn’t mention anything about an expander or how long it took for the surgery.

The final bit of evidence that suggests Tridevil’s third breast is fake was the final result. “This technique would create a tight, round breast in the center of the chest,” he said. “Also, all three breasts will likely be connected because it would be impossible to create and maintain separation between all three round structures. The photos show a soft, pendulous breast that is clearly separate from the right and left breast. She essentially has a hanging breast, and it is just not reflective of what we would be able to expect from this reconstruction procedure.”

During a radio interview, Tridevil refused to give her real name but Snopes pointed out she has a “striking” resemblance to Alisha Hessler, the person to whom JASMINETRIDEVIL.com is registered. 

Hessler made headlines in 2013 after she publicly shamed a man who allegedly assaulted her, Snopes wrote. She reportedly made a man hold a sign that said “I beat women.” She withdrew her complaint with the police department after she was asked for details about the alleged attack, Buzzfeed wrote.

Tridevil said on her Facebook account Tuesday Alisha Hessler is her real name. She also said the news story is real and she was arrested for using someone else’s identification to get into a club. “I was underage and wanted to get drunk lol,” she wrote. 

She told The Sun her claim is not a hoax and her film crew recorded her procedure. She said she will release the footage when she gets a reality television show and “I really don’t care what people say about me.” 

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