Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are not feuding.

The "Cake" star and the "Maleficent" actress have been compared following their romance and marriage to Brad Pitt. A new report suggested that the two stars are fighting over a new man named Ted Sarandos.

New Idea shared photos of Jolie and Aniston with the same man on different occasions. The tabloid immediately concluded that Pitt's exes were competing for Sarandos.

"Jen Vs. Ange: The New Man They’re Fighting," its misleading headline read. According to the magazine, Aniston and Jolie are "at each other's throats once again, but this time it isn't over Brad Pitt."

The publication stated that Aniston and Jolie are "fighting tooth and nail to gain the attention of one of Hollywood's most powerful men," Sarandos. Aniston was allegedly "spotted schmoozing" with him. Meanwhile, Jolie kept Sarandos by her side during the Critics' Choice Awards.

According to Gossip Cop, there is no truth to such report. It is true that Aniston posed with Sarandos at the Netflix after-party, but she was only among the many stars he had photos with. In addition, Jolie and Sarandos, the chief content officer of Netflix, were together at the Critics' Choice Awards because both supported her Netflix film "First They Killed My Father."

In addition, Aniston's marriage with Justin Theroux is okay. The couple is still very much together. Aniston and Theroux spend most of the time apart because she prefers Los Angeles while he wants to stay in New York. But they are not getting a divorce due to this.

"She prefers L.A. He has a fondness for New York, but they knew that about each other from the beginning and decided it wasn't an issue. It doesn't mean they're splitting up," one source said.

Meanwhile, Jolie is reportedly single after her split from Pitt. Also, an insider revealed that the celebrity mom of six may remain in that status in the next months to come because she wants to focus on her kids.

"She isn't dating anyone and won't be for a very long time. She is focused on her children and their needs," an insider told People.