Following the celebration of Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday in February, the actress took a trip with friends to Mexico. However, her plane was forced to make an emergency landing and a new report is claiming the scary incident inspired the “Friends” alum to marry Brad Pitt again.

Pitt and Aniston first divorced in 2005. Although the 55-year-old actor moved on with Angelina Jolie and the “Dumplin’” star later married Justin Theroux, the exes are no longer with their current spouses.

The Globe published a report claiming Pitt and Aniston had a secret wedding in Mexico once the actress was able to safely met her destination.

“She realized that life’s short and she could have easily died in a plane crash. Jen knew then that she had to follow her heart and remarry Brad,” an alleged source told the outlet.

The supposed confidant implied the rumored reunion isn’t sitting well with Jolie, who shares six kids with Pitt. The mystery tipster claimed the stars “secretly eloped, getting hitched again in Mexico in a hush-hush ceremony that’s driving Angelina Jolie into a jealous fury.”

The “source” went on to suggest Pitt’s attendance to Aniston’s 50th birthday party allowed the exes to rekindle their romance. “Once they got back together, it was like they were never apart. They knew it was destiny and they belonged together,” the “insider” said.

Sources previously told Us Weekly that while Aniston and Pitt do speak to each other, romance is not apart of their current relationship. “Jen and Brad are still in touch and speak, but there still isn’t anything going on romantically between them,” an insider revealed.

Despite the rumors, neither Aniston nor Pitt have acknowledged reports claiming they were married in a secret wedding.

Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston is pictured arriving at the premiere of Netflix’s “Dumplin’” on Dec. 6, 2018 in Los Angeles. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images