Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie have probably never liked each other but their differences and bitter rivalry are becoming more public in recent times.

Last Sunday, Brad Pitt, Aniston's ex-husband and Jolie's partner, made a comment on Parade magazine about his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston while they together. “It wasn’t living an interesting life,” Pitt said. Also, he mentioned, “I think that my marriage to Jennifer had something to do with it.

She (Jennifer) was annoyed, according to a close friend of Jennifer, after Pitt's comment became public.

However, Pitt clarified his comments by releasing a statement and explaining that it was a misinterpretation. I don't want them to say anything bad like that about Jen. Pitt said. She's a dear friend of mine, Pitt said, adding that Jennifer is an incredibly giving, loving and hilarious woman.

When Jolie heard this news, the Hollywood‘s highest–paid actress was irritated by Pitt's comment. Angelina absolutely hates that Jen and Brad are still close and talk to each other, the source told The Enquirer.

Meanwhile, Aniston is falling in love with Justin Theroux, an actor and director, after she divorced with Pitt in 2005. Earlier this year, Jennifer and Justin went public together and they showed their love before the camera recently with Terry Richardson. According to In Touch, Justin is getting ready to propose to Jennifer.

As a big fan of Justin Theroux for many years,” Jolie is trying to set up a project in which she and Justin can work together”, a friend of Jolie told In Touch.

However, Jennifer won't let Jolie steal another man from her and warned Jolie to keep your hands off him! through her handlers.

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