Carmelo Anthony Jeremy Lin
Former Knicks head coach Mike D'Antoni said Carmelo Anthony, right, and Jeremy Lin's, left, styles of play clashed, resulting in Lin's departure from New York. Reuters

Jeremy Lin’s future with the Houston Rockets continues to grow more and more tenuous, as the team attempts to sign Carmelo Anthony. Members of the organization met with Anthony on Wednesday, making their pitch to the free agent superstar.

If the Rockets are able to acquire Anthony, Lin’s time with Houston is likely up. The organization did little to hide that fact when they welcomed the New York Knicks forward to the Toyota Center in Houston, displaying a billboard of Anthony wearing No.7 Rockets jersey, which Lin currently sports.

The photo may have just been an oversight by the Rockets, since Anthony wore No.7 with the Knicks for the last three and a half seasons. Lin took offense to the image of Anthony, posting a verse from the Bible on Twitter, and explaining that he did so “to standup for myself/say I felt disrespected.”

Lin is likely aware of the trade rumors that he’s been involved in. When Anthony and LeBron James decided to opt out of their contracts, it was reported that the Rockets would try to sign one or both of the free agents. Omer Asik has already been traded to clear space under the salary cap, and if Houston can come to an agreement with one of the All-Stars, Lin will be next.

The Golden State Warriors have been linked to a potential Lin deal, and the Knicks are a possibility, if the two teams work out a sign-and-trade for Anthony. According to a recent report from Slam Magazine’s Jake Fischer, the Rockets have been discussing a potential trade with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Even though Lin might be feeling unwanted by the Rockets, he will more than likely start the 2014-2015 season with the team. It doesn’t appear that Lin will be traded if Houston can’t sign Anthony or James, and both players are somewhat longshots to join the Rockets. Most reports have James returning to play for the Miami Heat, and the Knicks and Chicago Bulls are the frontrunners to sign Anthony.

In two seasons with the Rockets, Lin has averaged 13 points and 5.2 assists per game. He has an expiring contract, and though he’s set to make nearly $15 million next year, his salary-cap number is just over $8 million, making him attractive to several teams who want cap space in 2015.

Anthony and Lin played together with New York in the 2011-2012 season. When the Rockets offered the point guard a three-year deal worth $25 million, Anthony made headlines by calling the contract “ridiculous.”