US actor Jeremy Renner was run over by his snow plow after he used it to help free a stranded family member's vehicle from heavy snow near his Nevada home


  • Jeremy Renner walked the red carpet at the "Rennervations" premiere with a cane in hand
  • The Marvel actor said promoting "Rennervations" excited him because it's not just a movie but his life
  • Renner had set a goal to walk the red carpet at the premiere of "Rennervations," and he enjoyed it

Jeremy Renner was joyful to make it to the premiere of his new Disney+ TV series "Rennervations."

Renner, 52, got into a snowplow accident on New Year's Day that led to at least two surgeries. Previous reports said it would take him a long time to fully recover.

However, the "Hawkeye" star was making big progress in his recovery journey. He walked the red carpet at the "Rennervations" premiere with a cane in one hand and his 10-year-old daughter Ava Berlin Renner Tuesday. His family was also with them at the event.

The father and daughter sported matching outfits. The "Avengers" star opted for a classic navy suit. Ava matched her dad by wearing a blue dress with a classic necklace and earrings, People reported.

"I'm overflowing with gratitude and excitement unlike [anything] I've felt in a very, very long time, you know?" Renner told the outlet. "Because it's not a movie that I'm promoting, It's not a show, it's my, it's my life, man, this is what I do."

The Marvel actor recounted the challenges he faced while working on the documentary project, where he teamed up with expert builders to acquire large, decommissioned government vehicles and re-imagined them as mind-blowing creations to serve kids in communities worldwide.

"My breath is taken away by how honored I am that we're even here even talking about it, you know what I mean? We had people calling me crazy a good five years ago, like, 'What are you gonna do with all these trucks?' Like, 'Trust me, I've got a good idea,'" Renner said.

"I had a vision, but it took a lot of people to help me with the vision though you know? It seems so easy in my brain. Oh, yeah. Right. Yeah, the idea is easy," Renner added while laughing. "The idea is the easy part, Geez Louise."

The outing was also significant because it was his "first time to kind of get out of my bed and out of rehab and, you know, to be on my feet and be out in the world" following the snowplow accident earlier this year.

"It's intense, you know, for me, it's a lot, but it's a step in the direction I want to be going, right? And this is exactly what I want to be doing and exactly where I want my life to be right now," he added.

He also told Variety at the premiere that he looked "a little beat up," but the show was what propelled him to get better every day. He even shared how it played a role in his recovery journey, admitting that he would be frustrated if he missed the premiere.

"I set out a goal to be walking this carpet. And here I am enjoying it," the "Bourne Legacy" star said. "Otherwise, it would have gone to an abyss with no date and lost traction and excitement, and I would have been very, very, very frustrated. I'm very excited right now because we're here."

"Rennervations" premieres Wednesday on Disney+.

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