Many on social media are urging pop singer Joe Jonas to keep a low profile after his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift released another song, "Mr. Perfectly Fine," from her music vault that appears to touch on their relationship.

Swift is set to release a re-recorded version of her 2008 album “Fearless” later this week featuring six unreleased tracks from the vault. On Wednesday, she tweeted out the new song, which many fans suspected was about Jonas and their breakup.

”Me in 2020: life is chill, writing songs based in fiction to avoid drama, feeling pretty grown up. My 2008 music from the vault, in a goblin voice: ‘REELEEEEEEASE MR PERFECTLY FIIIIIIINE,’” she tweeted.

In the song, Swift sings, “Mr. Never told me why / Mr. Never had to see me cry / Mr. Insincere apology so he doesn’t look like the bad guy / He goes about his day / Forgets he ever even heard my name / Well, I thought you might be different than the rest / I guess you’re all the same.”

Many believe Jonas was the inspiration behind “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” though it did not deter his wife, actress Sophie Turner, to seemingly be a fan of Swift’s new song.

Following its release, the “Game of Thrones” star posted the cover art for the song to her Instagram Story along with the caption, “It’s not NOT a bop @taylorswift.”

Although it has been more than a decade since Swift and Jonas dated, some on social media couldn’t help but troll Jonas following the song’s release.

“Taylor Swift woke up this morning and decided that Joe Jonas is gonna have a bad day,” one user wrote.

One social media user was sympathetic to Jonas, who may have been blindsided by Swift’s new song. “Okay, Mr. Perfectly Fine is so savage?? I can’t stop laughing at the way she obliterated Joe Jonas. She is a comedian. Poor guy couldn’t have seen this coming,” the post read.

During a 2008 appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Swift claimed Jonas broke up with her in a short phone call.

"When I find that person that is right for me, he will be wonderful ... I'm not even going to be able to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 25 seconds when I was 18," Swift said in the interview.

Jonas would later react to Swift’s comment.

“For those who have expressed concern over the ‘27 second’ phone call, I called to discuss feelings with the other person,” he posted on MySpace following the split. 

“Those feelings were obviously not well received. I did not end the conversation. Someone else did. Phone calls can only last as long as the person on the other end of the line is willing to talk. Anytime you are in a relationship for any length of time there are going to be issues.”

Swift is expected to release “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” on Friday.

JOE JONAS Swift’s first major romance with a fellow celeb was with Joe Jonas back in 2008. The pair split after only a few months, with Jonas reportedly dumping her in a phone call that took less than 30 seconds. Swift got revenge with a song against Jonas, “Forever And Always,” and one about actress Camilla Belle, whom he dated next, titled “Better Than Revenge.” Jonas also released a song about Swift, “Much Better.” Photo: ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images