The lead actor of AMC's hit series Mad Men, Jon Hamm, recently filmed a video for Rookie, the online publication for teenage girls. Hamm answers several questions for teenage fans including many sensitive subjects such as whether it's okay to fart in front of significant others and whether guys experience the same gut-wrenching feelings that girls do when they fall in love.

Hi, uh, my names Jon Hamm and this is 'Actual Grown Man, says Hamm as the video begins. I've got some questions from the group out there. I'm going to read these off the phone, so I hope that's not offensive to anybody.

Hamm, who seems frantic throughout the video and a little sleep deprived, appears to be answering questions in a hotel room. The first piece of advice Hamm answers is to a girl who asks what she should do about a guy that wanted to hook up one minute and then decided later that he didn't want to.

Well, Brittany, you're sixteen-ish, so I'm assuming he's around the same age, says Hamm. Give the guy a break. Maybe he changed his mind. Maybe you changed your mind. Uh... The world's your oyster. You'll be just fine. There's a lot out there. If the guy doesn't want to get with you, you know, don't sweat it. There's a lot of guys out there. And don't define yourself by who wants to get with you. I'm sure you're a lovely person, Brittany.

Hamm, who looks extrememly uncomfortable, continues to field strange questions including a few from some anonymous users. Hamm charmingly challenges the anonymous question-submitters to reveal their names the next time the participate in such a Q&A. At one point, Hamm is asked about how girls should conduct themselves around their romantic interests including whether they should be able to fart in front of them.

Is it gross if a girl accidentally farts in front of her significant other; should she feel embarrassed? says Hamm as he reads a question submitted to him. I was under the impression that girls never farted, he says jokingly. No, of course. Farting is farting. Everybody farts. Go read that book 'Everybody Poops.' It's the same thing.

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