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Air Jordan XI Concord Air Jordan

The highly anticipated Air Jordan XI Retro Concord sneakers were finally released at midnight and are already flying off the shelves despite a hefty $180 price tag.

The shoes were initially released in 1996 and made famous by former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan. The shoes initially went on sale at 5 a.m. today in most spots and have caused some shoppers looking for the popular sneakers to become unruly, according to the Charlotte Observer.

The newspaper reported on Friday that at least one mall fight had broken out and some minor damage occurred at a Charlotte-based mall. That scene is likely occurring across the United States as sneakerheads try to obtain the hot shoes.

Matt Powell, a footwear analyst for SportsOneSource, estimated to The Oregonian that Nike likely produced between 300,000 to 500,000 pairs of the sneakers, but that doesn't mean that they will be easy to get.

John Brilliant, the founder of, expects the shoes to completely sell out on Friday despite no real marketing of the basketball sneakers.

It's crazy they can sell out all that and, at the same time, there's no marketing behind it, Brilliant told The Oregonian. This is all word of mouth and sneakerblogs getting word out on the release date.

The best way to get the sneakers is by visiting one of your local sneaker stores - perhaps a Foot Locker or a mom and pop type store - but even those locations could already be sold out of the sneakers.

If you are unable to get out of work on Friday, you can try to hit up different apparel Web sites to try to get the shoes.,,,, and other sports apparel Web sites are expected to have limited amounts of the Air Jordan XI Retro sneakers.

If you get to those Web sites too late, it might be worth perusing EBay and other auction Web sites could be a good spot to try to get the shoes. The sneakers will likely go for more than their $180 asking price on Web sites like EBay, but if you absolutely have to get the sneakers, it could be a good spot.

The shoes are currently going for anywhere between $199 to $660 on EBay -- with the average price is in the $400- $500 range.