The Puerto Rican Princess is back in town, and she’s bringing a whole lot of drama with her. Joseline Hernandez finally made her debut on episode 4 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” and threatened to reveal a secret about one of her cast members.

Joseline and Karlie Redd are still feuding, even though it seems like Karlie is more than willing to put the past behind them and move on. At one point during the episode, Karlie gets a little emotional as she tells K. Michele about her strained friendship with Joseline. The two ladies had a falling out last season after Joseline accused Karlie of always bringing drama around her. Joseline kicked Karlie out of her room and hit her over the head with a bouquet of flowers.

On episode 4, Joseline meets up with Karlie but the meeting isn’t exactly a friendly encounter. Joseline tells her former fried that Tommie told her Karlie’s been trash talking her but she denies it, saying that she always sticks up for Joseline. The outspoken rapper doesn’t believe Karlie and pulls out an envelope that supposedly contains information Karlie doesn’t want public. Joseline threatens to leak the information if Karlie keeps talking about her.

Supposedly, Joseline also has dirt on some of her other cast members, including her husband Stevie J and his “sister” Karen “KK” King. In a teaser for next week’s episode it looks like she confronts them about the gossip she knows.

Joseline and Karlie’s beef isn’t the only messy situation on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Scrapp DeLeon is still battling his baby mama Tiarra and his girlfriend Tommie. Their meeting on episode 3 didn’t go as planned — it ended with security separating Tommie and Tiarra so they wouldn’t fight — and on Monday’s episode Tiarra slapped Scrapp in the face because he wouldn’t decide between her and Tommie.

After calming down and having a talk with Mimi Faust and Jessica Dime, Tiarra meets with Scrapp again and tells him the only way he can see their son again is if he arranges a sit down with them and his mom, Karen. Karen and Tiarra do not get along at all, and Tiarra thinks if they sit down they can talk out their issues. However, there’s one major problem: Karen refuses to meet with Tiarra. Even when Scrapp practically begs his mom to take the meeting, she still gives him a hard no.

Monday’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” wasn’t just filled with the usual backstabbing and trash talking. Rasheeda finally patches things up with Lil Scrappy and even convinces him to come by her husband Kurt’s showcase so they can talk. Karlie also reveals that she did a Playboy photoshoot, landed a Playboy radio show and is still dating Lyfe Jennings.

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on VH1.