• Justice Department probe of Hillary Clinton's business dealings to end
  • Given the lack of evidence, a formal investigation into Clinton won't be requested
  • The probe began in late 2017, focusing on Clinton's time as secretary of state

“Lock her up!”

One of the most popular crowd chants at Trump rallies, it’s shouted by people who believe that Hillary Clinton has committed crimes that warrant her arrest. But there’s some bad news for them: The Justice Department’s pre-investigation review of Clinton’s business dealings have turned up empty-handed.

The review began in 2017 under the order of then-U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Although it has not been formally shuttered, the review of Clinton being conducted by Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber has reportedly all but come to an end.

Trump reportedly wanted Sessions to organize a special council in a similar fashion to Robert Mueller’s investigative team. Sessions instead delegated the task to Huber, whose probe would ultimately get buried in the news cycle.

Among the allegations Huber addressed was one that claimed that donors to the Clinton Foundation charity were given special access to Clinton during her time as the secretary of state under President Barack Obama. Another accused Clinton of accepting donations to her charity from a Russian energy company and in return allowing them to purchase a uranium mining company.

Insiders have told CNN that Huber failed to find any evidence of potential criminal activity among Clinton’s business dealings and as such will not be recommending a formal investigation.

Clinton was previously probed over these allegations in 2015 and 2016, but nothing was found at that time either.

While there is little doubt that the White House would prefer that the review end quietly, it’s possible Democrats will seize this news and view it as another blow to President Donald Trump’s insistence that Clinton should be arrested.

Trump’s critics have long accused the president of making allegations of corruption against his opponents, Clinton in particular, to take attention away from his own controversies. That’s why it’s possible the probe, launched during Robert Mueller’s investigation, was intended as an (albeit, unsuccessful) attempt to redirect the conversation.

Unfortunately for Trump, it appears Huber’s review of Clinton is dying a quiet death – not especially good timing for the president, with the Senate’s impeachment trial right around the corner.

Hillary Clinton
Fox News issued an apology to Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In this photo, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton makes a concession speech after being defeated by Republican president-elect Donald Trump in New York on Nov. 9, 2016. Getty Images/ Jewel Samad