Now this is what you call an awesome gift from a singer to a fellow singer.

On his 29th birthday Tuesday, Lil Wayne received a remix of his song How to Love from his teenage singer friend, Justin Bieber, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

What could be a better gift and honor than that?

Bieber tweeted a Happy Birthday message to Lil Wayne along with a link to the acoustic version of the song.

The song is from Lil Wayne's latest hit Carter 4.

Since it was not Biebert's plan initially to release it on Sept. 27, Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, thought that the song has been leaked and wrote on his own Twitter, Some1 leaked jb's how 2 love remix. guess it's now a bday tribute @LilTunechi.

Braun also wrote that Bieber produced and played everything live in the remix, the report said.

You can check out the song here.