Kanye West is not a happy man right now. Enraged by a skit on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” mocking him, West took to Twitter on Thursday night, firing off a series of bizarre tweets attacking Kimmel. Throughout the tweets, he blasted Kimmel for insulting him, for being dishonest and for apparently not getting enough “good pussy” in his lifetime. Bizarrely enough, West punctuated the tweets with the hashtag “#NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK,” despite the fact that Ben Affleck did not appear in the offending sketch.

See, the other night, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” aired a sketch that poked fun at West’s recent interview with the BBC. During the original interview, West – who you might guess has a history of being very eccentric – made plenty of grandiose claims about his greatness at everything from rapping to water bottle design.

Kimmel thought the interview was hilarious, and in the spirit of lightly mocking celebrities (basically Kimmel’s entire job), he hired a couple of cute children to re-enact the video in all its ridiculousness. Check out the original sketch below.

Apparently, this did not make Kanye West happy at all. He sent out 10 irate tweets criticizing Kimmel for airing the sketch. Among them, West claims that his interview was “the first piece of honest media in years,” that Sarah Silverman was “a thousand times funnier” than Kimmel, and that Kimmel may have once had sexual relations with Batman-to-be Ben Affleck.

It’s a whirlwind ride through West’s emotions, and you can see the entire series of tweets below. There are even memes about Kimmel that West (presumably) made himself.





















Kimmel responded to the barrage of tweets, stating that, no, this isn’t just a gag for an upcoming episode of his show.