New Jersey police officers have filed manslaughter charges against Kasia Rivera, 34, for allegedly injected silicone into the penis of a 22-year-old man.

Authorities claim the victim, Justin Street, was seeking a penis enhancement. He died of a fatal blood clot the day after receiving the injection.

Rivera, from East Orange, N.J., was arrested Monday on homicide charges and for the unauthorized practice of medicine, the Essex County Prosecutor's Office told the Star Ledger.

The Prosecutor's Office also told the Star Ledger that the cause of death was determined as silicone embolism from the injection.

Rivera's bail is set at $75,000.

The incident is not the first example of injections used in nether regions to enlarge or enhance body parts.

In October, charges were made against a New Brunswick model accused of giving illegal buttock-enhancing injections. A number of women suffered from the injections, but none were killed. The judge in the case determined that the injections were not clearly a violation of any law and threw out the charges.

In Florida, Oneal Ron Morris was also arrested on charges of injecting Fix-a-Flat into another woman's butt.