Kate Middleton was never pictured on a horse for a reason.

Most of the members of the royal family are fond of horses. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip still ride horses even when both are already in their 90s. Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry all play polo while Princess Anne and Zara Tindall are equestrians. The Duchess of Cambridge can’t relate to them when it comes to horseback riding.

According to Amalie Henden of Express, Middleton has never been photographed on a horse. She didn’t go horseback riding as a child and never learned the skill because she has allergy to horses.

“Kate doesn't ride, purely because she didn't do it growing up,” Marcia Moody told Town & Country.

“William and Harry were taught from an early age, but the only time they ride now is for polo — they don't go off on hacks like the queen always has.”

Middleton admitted her allergy to horses to Australian author Kathy Lette. In 2009, the Duchess of Cambridge watched Prince William at a society polo match. Lette saw Middleton at the tent in the corner of the field and approached her.

The author asked the duchess why she didn’t join the party, referring to the champagne reception taking place in a marquee next door. She also asked Middleton “Why don’t you play polo yourself?” and got a surprising answer. “I’m allergic to horses,” Middleton said.

Although Middleton has not been seen saddling up, she often watches Prince William’s polo matches. In 2012, Middleton reportedly told medalist Lee Pearson at a Buckingham Palace reception that she had taken up the sport. However, in 2016 the Duchess of Cambridge made another update. Despite her attempt to learn horseback riding, she admitted that she didn’t share the royal family’s passion for horse riding.

In related news, photos of Middleton kissing Prince William are currently circulating online. In the snaps shared on Twitter, the royal mom of three can be seen giving the future king a peck on the cheek in various events.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aren’t as tactile as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. However, they were seen holding hands and touching each other in public on rare occasions.