Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton doesn't include almond milk in her diet food for weight loss. Pictured: Middleton leaves after a visit to the Imperial War Museum in London on Oct. 31, 2018 to view letters relating to the three brothers of her great-grandmother ahead of Armistice Day. Getty Images/Frank Augstein

Kate Middleton has an effective weight loss strategy, but she doesn't include one popular healthy diet food.

The Duchess of Cambridge has easily returned to her post-pregnancy figure just a few months after delivering Prince Louis. According to Woman's World, Middleton enjoys a healthy diet that includes avocado, berries and porridge. She also eats ceviche, gazpacho, watermelon salads and tabbouleh. But not almond milk.

"Don't believe everything you read – I don’t even like almond milk," Middleton told a volunteer during a charity cafe visit (as quoted by Daily Star).

Almond milk is popular among those who wanted to lose weight. Laura, a food lover and nutrition enthusiast, share on her blog how almond milk helped her maintain her coffee addiction in a healthier way.

"I also used almond milk with dishes that needed milk as an ingredient like lasagna.

With my strict diet plan and exercise, I lost 8 pounds in just 26 days." she wrote.

It was reported earlier that Middleton also follows Kelly Rennie's diet plan. According to Zoe Forsey of Mirror, Rennie has transformed her own body by her own diet plan. Here's an overview of her daily diet:

Breakfast: A "power shake" made from almond milk, natural protein, berries, avocados and half a banana

Lunch: Salad with chicken, peppers, broccoli, carrots

Dinner: Chicken stir-fry with rice and lots of vegetables

If Middleton doesn't like almond milk, she likely swaps this with another milk if she really follows Rennie's diet plan. Aside from sticking to a strict diet, Middleton is living an active lifestyle too. In fact, when she and Prince William visited Coach Core Essex in Basildon, she was photographed playing sports during the said outing.

Middleton also attributed her weight loss from running after her children. When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited India in 2016 Middleton and Professor Bulbul Dhar-James talked about weight loss. "I am running after my kids," Middleton told her on how she lost the extra weight she gained after giving birth to Princess Charlotte in 2015.

In related news, Prince William and Middleton follow a post-birth royal rule that orders them to wait for days before announcing the name of their newborn. It is likely that Prince Harry and Markle will also follow the same protocol when they welcome their first bundle of joy. It is believed that they practice this to inform the other members of the royal family of the baby's name before announcing it to the public.