Kate Moss is recognized as one of the most influential names in fashion today.

Her style is envied by women around the globe for its edge and ease.

She knows how to transform looks from trendy to chic with just one added accessory or one swipe of red lipstick.

Moss became famous for her heroin chic style in the 1990s after modeling for Calvin Klein.

Since posing in that infamous CK Jeans advertisement, Moss changed the entire fashion industry and ended the requirement for supermodels to be Amazon women with big breasts and even bigger egos.

Interview magazine's Glenn O'Brien describes it best: The Last of the Supermodels. She ended an era. And then started another one. There's something really special about Kate. She is a casual philosopher. She knows everybody. And if she doesn't know everything, she knows a lot-about a lot of things. She's bewitching and witchy-wise.

Moss stood out in a long line of mannequins as a Kurt Cobain-esque, waifish British babe with a killer attitude.

The 37-year-old has been modeling since she was 14, and has been smoking the competition ever since.

Moss' style is innate. It is not something taught to her by fashion editors or edited in with Photoshop.

People think your success is just a matter of having a pretty face. But it's easy to be chewed up and spat out. You've got to stay ahead of the game to be able to stay in it, she has said.

The carefree party girl never tries to impress. She just does it her way and lets others follow.

Here are Kate's takes on some of the hottest trends today.