Katy Perry didn't just lend her voice to Smurfette for the movie "The Smurfs," she went all out for the premier.

Except for being blue, Perry partly transformed herself into the cartoon character, dying her hair blonde, sporting a white Smurfs dress for the premier and got her nails painted with the characters' images on them.

Perry posted a picture of her nails on the social networking site Twitter with the caption "Smurf nails! Duh!"

Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford created the characters, Smurfs, in 1958.

Sony Pictures will now release the movie "The Smurfs" in 3D for the first time, which will be worldwide on Friday.

Perry, 26, played the only girl among the group of 100 boy Smurfs. Perry is much a sex symbol in real life as the character she plays in the animated movie.

"They had done a blind test where they took certain voices from previous interviews and matched them with the character. They (the filmmakers) liked my voice without even knowing who it was, and when they found out it was me, they thought that would work out. My personality was just a plus!," Perry said, as reported by the Times of India. "They asked me to add my nuance to it. So I was able to be sassy and cute, a little mischievous and funny. It's really interesting because I got to be a part of creating her character. It's really fun...it's basically my voice with some rocks thrown in it, like I had too many cups of coffee," she added.