Britain's King Charles waves as he arrives for a visit to the new European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London


  • King Charles allegedly reduced his coronation to his family's squabbles
  • Tom Bower said Camilla's promotion distracts from the importance of his coronation
  • Bower claimed King Charles was not establishing himself as the key to a future era

King Charles doesn't have the right strategy for his coronation, according to a royal expert.

Former BBC journalist and investigative reporter Tom Bower appeared on "GB News" to discuss King Charles' coronation. Host Dan Wootton mentioned the King and Prince of Wales' reportedly opposite opinions about Prince Harry's presence at the coronation, and he asked the "Revenge" author, "Do you agree with me that actually, it's William who's getting the strategy right here rather than King Charles."

"Well, William is, but I mean the real person in charge, of course, was the King, and I feel the King is losing sight of the plot," Bower said. "He is losing sight of the coronation is all about the glory of the monarchy and of Britain, and he's reducing it to the squabbles in his family."

Bower noted that aside from the drama involving Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Prince Andrew, he did not approve of the King's decision to crown his wife on the same day as his coronation.

"I think the promotion of Camilla is also distracting from the importance of the coronation of the King," he added.

Wootton added that it was not Camilla's wish to be crowned, to which Bower agreed.

"She doesn't [like to be crowned], and really what you see with this constant promotion of Camilla and the photographs of two is it the coronation seems we're at the marriage not about the crowning of the king and somehow, in all, this is what I always feared about Charles," the "Rebel King" scribe added. "He's lost sight of what actually this ceremony and what his reign is meant to embrace. He's not establishing himself as the key to a future era. He's now all just worried about whether people love Camilla what will they think about Harry and the olive branch, I mean this is just nonsense."

Wootton agreed with Bower, noting that Camilla doesn't care whether or not she will be crowned and isn't fussy about it. However, His Majesty is reportedly "desperate for their marriage to finally be properly accepted."

The "olive branch" Bower talked about was the inclusion of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in King Charles' coronation souvenir program. Wootton said he also didn't agree with it and admitted that he found it offensive.

"Meghan doesn't deserve to be in the official brochure for the coronation" due to the things she said about the royal family. Wootton said he was worried that the King was rewarding the Sussexes' bad behavior and the latter would keep doing it because they get what they want.

Bower said the King was being a coward because he didn't want to be disliked.

International Business Times could not independently verify the claims.

Prince Harry's biographer, Angela Levin, also shared Wootton and Bower's opinion about not inviting the Duke of Sussex to the coronation. The "Harry: A Biography of a Prince" author suggested that the King should have been firm about his decisions and should not have spoken to his youngest son until after his coronation.

"It's difficult, of course, but I think, he should have stood up and not said anything. You know, 'are you coming or not coming.' You know, 'make your mind up. I'm not apologizing, I'm not doing any of this.' I think he could just have said that. But if they've had long talks of trying to repair things, I think that was a mistake," she said on "GB News."

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla had been due to make a state visit to France on Sunday