Dhanush Why This Kolaveri Di Official

It looks like after Dhanush rocked the world with his recent hit Kolaveri Di, the Kolaveri concert held in Bangalore Feb 12, could not do as well. And also, the organizers of the concert are now in trouble.

Why? There is a good reason enough. Not only did they keep the fans of superstar Rajinikanth's son-in-law waiting for some three hours, but the concert over all was also lousy and seemed completely messed up.

It obviously got the fans fuming with anger when they saw Dhanush giving a blink-and-miss appearance at the show and taking the stage for just 10 minutes. It seems the actor himself was clueless as to what was going on.

According to a report in The Times of India, sources close to the actor revealed that they were asked to reach the venue only by the end of the performances. Also, the actor was shocked when he learnt that the event was being promoted as a Kolaveri Concert, when his performance was only for 10 minutes. The audience had been mislead with the name of the concert.

An upset Dhanush, who was especially unhappy with the organization of the program, was quoted by TOI as saying, I was unaware of the way the event was organized and the concert was a complete mess. There was a major miscommunication between our team and the organizers.

I even tweeted a few days before the performance saying it was not going to be a full-length concert. But I don't want to blame anyone for this. I thoroughly enjoyed the 10 minutes I was given on the stage and was overwhelmed by the support from my fans. I hope I've not disappointed them, he added.

Dhanush tweeted on February 10 saying: Guys d bangalore event is not a full on concert of mine. I'm performing 1ly Kolaveri di as d climax act. thrilled 2 see ya all. god bless. The daily also quoted Zubair Akhtar, one of the organizers of the concert, as saying: We requested Dhanush to perform for 10 minutes on the stage and he did just that. We couldn't start the performance early as we received threatening calls from people from the Kannada film industry. They asked us as why we had not got Sandalwood stars to perform at the concert. However, we did invite a few people from the Kannada film industry to watch the performance. Keeping safety issues in mind, we delayed the programme. It was not completely our fault.

Apparently, the payment has also not been settled till now with Dhanush's team. However, it is not clear if the team will take any action for the same.