Lady Gaga’s new song “Applause” has dropped a week early because of leaks.

Monday was a great day for pop music fans. Both Katy Perry and Lady Gaga released singles from their coming albums. Lady Gaga took a hiatus from Twitter in February and a break from the public eye in general for hip surgery, but now Mother Monster is back and ready to promote her new song off of “ARTPOP,” “Applause.”

Lady Gaga has been hinting at lyrics to her new song for weeks, but her teasing ended prematurely after the new beat was leaked online. She recently teased, "Give me that thing that I love/ Put your hands up/ Make ‘em touch/ A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E." She also shared pictures of herself holding up a countdown until "ARTPOP’s" first release.

When the single came out earlier than expected, to the delight of Little Monsters, the pop star took to her Twitter account to reveal the good news on Monday: "911 summon the monster troupes," she wrote, and added: "a pop music emergency is underway 911."

"Due to hackers an abundance of low/high quality leaks…we issue this pop music emergency…monsters spread the word," she continued. The singer, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, added there is an ARTPOP App which is free. She called it “an interactive jewel case.”

"The ARTPOP app is Free, available in App Stores on your device. You can purchase the music through the ARTPOP app once it's downloaded,” she tweeted on July 31. "Or you can purchase the album at the music store+download the free app separately at the app store," she added.

Check out the new Lady Gaga single below and read what her fans had to say about her new music on Twitter: