Lady Gaga is known for courting controversy, so it should come as no shock that she wore a gun bra during a concert in Vancouver Friday.

The meat-suit-wearing entertainer has now angered anti-gun activists by stepping out onto a Canadian stage with black plastic rifles sticking out of each cup from her bra. She donned the “gun rack” along with pale pink hair, green military-style pants and high-heeled ankle boots, according to a report from CBC News.

The 26-year-old pop phenomenon has made a career of outrageous wardrobe choices, but this has to be one of her worst offenses to date, considering 26 people were shot to death only a month ago in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Conn.

People have taken to Twitter to scold the pop sensation.

One posting reads, “26 People lost their lives at Newtown,” on the top and then finishes on the bottom under her bra, “Commemorates by wearing a ‘gun bra’ #Heartless.”

“DISGUSTING! SO WRONG! Lady Gagas Gun Bra is Tasteless and Offends Both Sides of the Guns Debate,” @DearDarby wrote.

“#DoItForGabby Ban Lady Gaga because she wore a gun bra,” @SmallgGay shared, an apparent reference to former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, shot two years ago in Tucson, Ariz.

@NaughtyNiceRob compared Gaga to Madonna, something she hates:

“It feels like everything Madonna does, Lady Gaga has to do. She's now wearing a gun Bra in concert! Booooooo”

But Gaga’s “Little Monster’s” have come to their “Mother Monster’s” defense, claiming that the artist has worn a gun bra in the past—both onstage and for the video of her 2012 hit song “Alejandro.”

In fact, the ever-self-promoting Gaga also wore a gun bra for her 2010 cover of Rolling Stone magazine, which was shot by Terry Richardson.

“Gaga slammed in the paper for wearing a gun bra !!!! She wore it before the shooting she is not mocking it !!!! GOD I hate the press !!!!” @ConvictGagaxx defended her Mother Monster.

“Haven't you watch "Alejandro Video" back in 2009. Where she wear gun bra? And she's performing "Alejandro" with that outfit,” another noted.

Should Gaga have changed her costume for the tour in light of the Sandy Hook tragedy?