Lafayette College Student Everett Glenn
Lafayette College student Everett Glenn passed away on Saturday, his 19th birthday, after a night of drinking.

Lafayette College freshman Everett Glenn died on Saturday following a night of heavy drinking to celebrate his birthday. He was 19.

Glenn was known as 'Mr. Mayor' due to his popularity with several different groups of students on campus. Friends remember him as funny, smart and well-rounded. He was a member of the Lafayette Leopards -- the college fencing team -- and when he wasn't on the court or hitting the books, he was often socializing with friends.

Glenn's roommate told the Express-Times that the charismatic and amiable Mr. Mayor was never frowning. He was smiling, always smiling. He was the kind of kid that... you had to like him, he said.

Glenn began drinking on Friday night in advance of his birthday, which was Saturday. He called his father Leonard Glenn, who shares the same birthday, just after midnight struck.

Glenn apparently continued drinking, and then called his father again at 6 a.m. The teen's mother, Joanne Glenn, said that Everett had told his father he had been partying and was about to lie down.

Friends escorted Everett Glenn to his dorm room, where he fell asleep. By mid-afternoon, however, Glenn was found unresponsive. He had vomited in his sleep, reports local newspaper The Morning Call.

Glenn was then rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 2:36 p.m.

An emergency room doctor reportedly told Joanne Glenn that her son had died of cardiac arrest, but a full autopsy investigation to determine cause of death is still pending.

The day of this tragedy coincided not only with Glenn's birthday; it was also an annual day of partying called All-College Day, when Lafayette students celebrate the end of spring classes. Each year at this time, the college hosts an alcohol-free gathering at March Field. But students often take the opportunity to throw their own bashes at different spots on and off campus, and these gatherings frequently involve alcohol.

On the day of Glenn's death, police arrested 32 people who were part of a raucous party on West Monroe Street, in an off-campus housing building owned by Lafayette.

This year just seemed like it was much worse than in years past. At 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning, it was already going pretty good. We started making arrests by 11 a.m., said Easton Police Chief Carl Scalzo to Lehigh Valley Live.

It is unclear whether Everett Glenn was at the Monroe Street party or one of several others in the area. Police are investigating the matter and trying to retrace the student's movements on Saturday morning.

A service for Everett Glenn was held in a campus chapel on Saturday night. About one third of Lafayette's student population attended, exceeding the number of seats available. Embraces were exchanged in honor of the teen, who was known for his bear hugs.

Joanne Glenn attended the ceremony and shared her thoughts with the crowd. God has given us this gift, but He wanted him back, she said. We have to let him go.