About 2,000 residents of Eagar, in eastern Arizona, were ordered to evacuate Tuesday as flames approached the town in the afternoon, while another Arizona town, Springerville, has ordered 2,000 residents to prepare for evacuation.

The fire also burned 6 buildings and threatens to burn 65 others, but no serious injuries have been reported. The Wallow Fire has now scorched over 311,481 acres in eastern Arizona, making it the second largest wildfire in the state’s history.

The National Weather Service has issued a 'Red Flag Warning' for southeastern Arizona, most of New Mexico, as well as parts of northern Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma as amid critical fire weather conditions.

Spot fires are occurring up to 3 miles ahead of the fire. Firefighter activities include: burnout operations, building fire line, perimeter control, structure protection, and patrolling for spot fires.

Effective immediately, further evacuations have been ordered by the Apache County Sheriff's Office for all the areas south of Hwy 260 and east of Greer, including South Fork and portions of Eagar. Hwy 260 will remain open for the evacuation and will be closed immediately after the evacuation.

Arizona’s largest fire is called the Rodeo-Chedeski Fire that occurred in 2002 and burned 467,000 acres.

Authorities believe the fire was started on May 29 by an unattended camp fire. After the fire became out of control, strong winds fanned it. So far, firefighters are having trouble battling the flames and do not have the fire contained.

Azcenral.com reports that there are “900 personnel are combating the flames, with seven helicopters, 31 engines and three bulldozers assisting.”

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