Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., has once again gaffed her way into headlines, attacking a CBS News poll as fake while misinterpreting its subject. CBS News polling found that 85% of people who watched Joe Biden’s annual address approved, which Boebert mistakenly thought referred to all Americans.

She accused CBS News of making the number up, saying, “Honestly, just round up to 100% at this point. We all know it’s utter bullcrap.”

Anthony Salvanto, CBS News director of elections and surveys, took time to highlight the limitations of the survey while delivering the results.

“I’ve got to add right off the bat here, as is typical with presidential speeches a lot of his own partisans made up the bulk of the audience,” he said. “This audience was majority Democrats. Back when President Trump was giving speeches, a lot of Republicans were watching those. You’ve gotta know that behind these numbers.”

Boebert seems to have missed that, but her critics on Twitter were more than happy to lend a hand.

Biden’s speech was something of a victory lap, an achievement made possible by attaining more than double his COVID-19 vaccination goal and passing the American Rescue Plan to distribute more relief checks.

He also spoke of plans for the future, touching on his $2 trillion infrastructure proposal and the American Families Plan. His focus on working-class jobs, taxes on the wealthy and assistance for families targeted the demographics most sympathetic to joining his big-tent political coalition: blue-collar workers Donald Trump picked off to win in 2016 and progressive still skeptical of his moderate credentials.

CBS News’ poll went beyond simple approval to show that viewers liked his tone as well. Similar or higher numbers of viewers thought he came across as “presidential,” “caring,” and “inspiring,” a particular strength of his compared to his predecessor.

Boebert’s stumble is not her first. Critics had memes and jokes deriding her intelligence prepared in advance after #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb trended in March.