Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), CBS's television drama, will no longer have Laurence Fishburne on board. The Oscar nominated actor, famous for matrix Trilogy, has announced his decision to not renew his contract with CBS and is looking forward to focus on his movies. Fishburne had joined the show less than three years ago, when CBS announced that William Petersen would leave.

CBS is reportedly on the lookout for a replacement as the filming for the new season, is scheduled to begin next month. General sentiment is that Fishburne was too high-profiled to fit into the scheme of things of the forensic series, CSI.

Speculations are rife that Peterson might actually return to play the character Grissom, though no pointers in this direction have been announced by the network. If that isn't happening, CSI will undergo a major reorganizing since the female star Marg Helgenberger had earlier announced her decision to do only a selected few episodes in the coming seasons.

Peterson and Helgenberger have been a winning combination for the show, which catapulted CBS to the top of the prime-time TV ratings over the last decade. Fishburne's departure is another note in CSI's already jittery 12th season. CBS had earlier moved the show from its old Thursday night time slot to Wednesday nights.